Ford Expedition 2021 specifications and prices in Saudi Arabia

 The Ford Expedition 2021 family car has a wonderful design, and we explain in this report the specifications of the Ford Expedition 2021 and its prices in Saudi Arabia.

The Ford Expedition 2021 looks to the market with an attractive appearance and elegant design that differs from the previous generation, especially four-wheel drive.

Ford Expedition 2021 specifications - expressive

Specifications of Ford Expedition 2021:

The Ford Motor Company added some differences from previous generations, including two ports for charging phones and tablets for the rear seats, with the SYNC 3 entertainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with a small 8-inch touch screen and 4 USB ports. BANG OLUFSEN audio system including 12 speakers.

  The XLT series is equipped with dual front seats with a headrest that can be changed in different directions, which helps in the comfort of front seat passengers.

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The Ford Expedition SUV is a family car that can accommodate up to eight passengers and is suitable for long trips, and this is due to four-wheel drive and the car is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 400 hp.

The interior design of the Ford Expedition 2021

The Ford Expedition starts from zero to 60 miles in about 5.9 seconds, and has a 10-speed automatic transmission, in combination with either rear or all-wheel drive.

The Ford Expedition 2021 received the STX package, which adds to it a sporty appearance and a new wheel design that differs from previous designs, and contains a 6-cylinder with a 3.5-liter engine.

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The Ford Expedition is equipped with a rectangular front grille in the shape of a rectangular and shiny chrome with 5 bars and 32-inch wheels, and small LED headlights with 20-inch wheels in an attractive sporty design, and the seats are made of premium leather.

The steering wheel is modern in shape and different from previous generations of the car, and the car is distinguished by a rear door with some distinctive meanders, and under the bumper on the back there are some chrome pieces, and the car also includes a circular transmission.

Ford expedition 2021 in Saudi Arabia

Prices of the ford expedition 2021 in Saudi Arabia:

The Ford Expedition is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the following prices, according to "Arabian drive"

XLT four-wheel drive panorama: 203,000 riyals

XLT four-wheel drive panorama long truck: 214,000 riyals

XLT four-wheel drive: 190,000 riyals

XLT, rear-wheel drive: 179,000 riyals

XLT rear-wheel drive panorama: 191,000 riyals

XLT rear-wheel drive panorama long truck: 203,000 riyals

Ford Expedition Platinum: 308,000 riyals

Ford Expedition Limited: 279,000 riyals

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